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The first-class talents are the foundation of the construction of first-class enterprises, and the development of enterprises requires talents as well as talents. We follow the employment concept of "discovering talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents". For enterprises continue to transport fresh blood, to talent to soar the vast sky.

First, we should build a platform for scientific and technological personnel to carry out scientific and technological innovation by means of the trust concept of "employing people without doubt and without using people";

Two, establish "means, to bring peace, talent competition mechanism concerning";

Three, encourage every employee to use their high expectations to motivate themselves, high standards to demand their own, to promote every employee and company struggle together, grow together.
The open channel, invite the talent to join
We actively expand employment channels, take two into a full range, multi channel talents ". First, enter all kinds of high-level talent market, attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The two is to participate in the dialogue of talents in Institutions of higher learning, discuss and communicate with talents in Colleges and universities, and make a two-way choice, and solve the problem of talents in our career development. In addition, through international cooperation, the establishment of headhunting, talent website and other channels to attract talent.