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Internet invasion, auto parts city is necessary to exist?

From:Shang tong Vehicle components Release date:2017-07-24【big middle small

The impression, like to auto city to move batch (zoo clothing wholesale market) and Zhongguancun, must learn to understand whether an authentic "slang", and pretending to be calm, if you look at the points, like the wolf sheep, even the bones of the pit is not left, we can do is to comfort myself, and pay a "tuition".

Each age has its own mark, and as time passes these signs will be crushed by the wheel of history. Like after 00 do not know BB machine, auto parts city may also be blurred in our vision.

The auto parts market was broken down
However, because of its "big", on the day when we go there, the scarcity of people makes it more "empty". We thought it was just the illusion of working days and throwing this problem to the little girl in the convenience store in the market. She said the weekend would be better, but it wouldn't be good.

With the popularity of auto parts online shopping, O2O service and the rise of the market, auto city's presence has been watered down, people less is a lot of people can feel, this is reminiscent of the situation in Zhongguancun.

In the traditional sense, the auto parts city generally has 4 functions: automobile maintenance, parts purchasing, automobile decoration and storeroom. And now, these functions are being digested one by one:
Auto parts procurement this one basically has been the Jingdong and Taobao this kind of power away from the maintenance by the simple: to filter glass water antifreeze, from the vehicle perfume to the roof rack, from loading machine to pad. Only you can't use it, you can't buy it. Even if you want to go to the Auto Parts City, I believe your little partners will tell you for the first time, "what's the trouble?" "one of Taobao's got it!". And many people worry about the fake problem, in fact, any channel exists, but the network will become better and better channels.

    Auto parts shop in the city deserted
As for the vehicle maintenance, perhaps is my worst nightmare, too many stories circulating on the Internet -- not because of professional technicians resulting in fatal car crash story. Whether true or not, if you really want to put the car to a claim to repair all kinds of car, no qualified repair shop, and not give him to receive specialized training, brand vehicles and has a series of quality control system of the 4S shop? Although the 4S shop deceptive story also many, I prefer to believe the latter.

But in this matter, we also generated some controversy, good gay friend old Polaris will not go to the 4S shop, through several years of driving, he has been able to achieve "reading all fault light hearts do not panic" (the public realm, you know) what need, need to change what casually, a repair shop, where command workers, minutes to fix. If there is dispute, we can put first, take a look at the recent news: in a business purchase tires, filter and other auto parts, plus 10 yuan to have come in person is responsible for the replacement or installation...... Well, the car service is out, too.

    "Online stores are the same price"
Car decoration can be divided into several cases, automotive products, perfume mat seat cover, the empty net said in front of the navigation recorder external, now basically can be classified to spare parts procurement of the type, and by comparing the data of evaluation, it can be relatively easy to make a classification of product quality. There is a car decoration, such as glass film, plastic, equipped with armor chassis and body glazing, this kind of decoration now basically has become "4S" inside the rape package there, and "increase lift car" has intensified the trend. So basically, these configurations have become quasi standard car, the relative market share has been snatched a lot.

Five party Tianya has a specialized sales floor of these things, but like outside the shop, are in a deserted state. Whether seatcover, recorder, or perfume, cosmetics, each store homogenization are very serious, a total of three layers of the market, a turn down, not too many people feel something interesting.

 Go left and go right

From the beginning to the present, has been shrouded in a sad atmosphere, we are constantly giving you hints, O2O era has come, auto parts city will disappear.
In five days Ya, we also found an interesting detail: a large area of ongoing housing reform, walked into the glass door, clearly labelled "five party e-commerce" sticker tianya. Obviously, this area will be transformed into "Taobao city" in the city of auto parts.

 "Taobao city" in the city of auto parts?
But as we store and "take", we also found that, in addition to move closer to the mode of the future auto city "electronic commerce", also has two directions: "store best God" and "service is the hard truth".

Some auto parts shop owner believes that some of the advantages of the store is the shop can not be replaced, such as seat sets and foot pads of such products, the material needs to be touched, will have the most intuitive feeling. Don't believe it? If you can understand PU fabrics, can you understand the material of "Hongyun Valley"? Not to mention the nano silk mat, and if not the most intuitive feeling, how do you choose the most suitable for you? Another reason is that we want to break the head also think -- when we interview a cushion shop owner said: we sell on the market and similar material cushion shop is not much, the reason why we do not shop, because if you put things on the Internet, some people will be a copycat.

For many people like "goods than three" people, the significance of the existence of the Auto City, perhaps in the offline store to see goods than goods, online completion of the purchase.

The old saying "learn martial arts, and sell the imperial family", since there is no channel advantages, more and more businesses began to shift the focus to the service, and continuously improve the maintenance technology, provide more considerate service, through word of mouth, to form a good reputation among the clients. If you are not familiar with the Auto Parts City, you may be surprised why there are so many luxury cars to such "low" place maintenance? In fact, specializing in luxury cars, excellent technology, relatively low prices, and this is their foothold. So, this kind of "like" kuju town as the size of the focus on maintenance and modification services market, will be an important direction for future development of auto parts city.