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China's electric vehicle business

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Honda, the Japanese carmaker, recently released its version of the accord, the main model in the US and china. The new accord will continue to offer hybrid models as one of the main configurations.

The day before the media reports, Honda plans to launch a new platform based on hybrid vehicle design, unveiled the fastest held in October this year at the Tokyo auto show. This means that a new platform for hybrid design models, rather than in the existing petrol vehicle replacement powertrain, advantage of the battery to avoid crowding the trunk space, this is one of the disadvantages of the cash accord hybrid, the rear seat can recline the battery because of reasons for the expansion suitcase, which is a common feature in other intermediate car on.

At the same time, Honda plans to expand its hybrid products line, there is news that Honda will be its top three motor mixing system SH-AWD used in the United States version of the MPV car type odyssey.

Since 1997 TOYOTA Prius production using THS hybrid system, the technical route is TOYOTA and Lexus after the foundation of all hybrid, a core is installed inside the planetary gear motor and generator, a main engine by Atkinson cycle operation connected, and a small capacity battery.

In general, this system can accomplish the fuel in internal combustion engine starting use of the vantage of the motor starting to help start, in the middle can help accelerate again motor, these two kinds of the consumption under the condition of the battery power; Midway through the cruise, braking deceleration time reversal generators, this time to recharge the battery. Throughout the engine and wheel mechanical connection, so the Toyota hybrid less fuel-efficient instead on high speed.

The plan sounds not complex, but Toyota this technical route to apply for a range of patent protection is very tight. From 1997 to 2015, the Toyota prius has sold 8 million vehicles, other hybrids can only tinkering around the edges.

In a nutshell, Honda's I - MMD system without planetary gear dynamic structure, only the internal combustion engine and used for power generation and drive two motors. When the engine is not in a low speed drive wheels, only run under the economic speed remain unchanged, only for the battery power, by this time the car is basically a electric cars.
In more than 110 kilometers per hour, will direct drive wheel, using the most economical speed fuel efficiency. Is now on sale in mainland China accord hybrid miit integrated fuel consumption is 4.4 litres / 100 km, is lower than version 2.4 liter displacement of gasoline accord 4 litres, is better than the Toyota camry hybrid 5.3 litres / 100 km is lower.
Accord hybrid hybrid system also pick up in July has just been listed on the new cr-v SUV domestic