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The rise of electric vehicles: over pride and Prejudice

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Over the past two years, electric cars have been a hot topic all over the world.

Tesla will affect the industry's every act and every move, the traditional auto giants have made inroads into the electric car, the emerging new energy automobile enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain has been the favored investment, wind, governments are eager to draw a line with "pollution emissions" as soon as possible.

But these ambitious plans seem to be in sharp contrast to what is happening in the current roads and showrooms.
In the United States, for example, gasoline is cheap, bringing pickup and SUV over sales. For example, in Chinese, new energy automobile sales growth relative to the whole of the passenger car is superior (passenger cars grew by only 2.9%, while new energy vehicles, an increase of 14.4%), but a kind of SUV and fuel, that is quite ashamed (SUV grew 42%!). No wonder many new energy companies plan the first models to be SUV.

How many people are buying an electric car today?

Electric cars and plug - in cars may have existed since nineteenth Century, but they are still in the early stages of sales.

We can look at last year's car sales statistics.
Chinese consumers bought about 289 thousand electric cars last year (consumers bought 195 thousand units in the first half of this year), more than any other market. European consumers bought 215 thousand units, while American consumers bought 150 thousand units.

This is the world's three largest electric car consumer market.
By comparison, in 2016, the number of cars sold worldwide reached 92 million vehicles, compared with only 28 million in China, 17 million 600 thousand in the United States and 15 million 100 thousand in europe.
So, in the future?

These years, new energy vehicles, many start-ups, but so far, can survive the proportion is very small, wait until next year after inspection the great wave of start-ups that can survive the launch vehicle is very rare.

Before the music as the car has made a lot of people as industry jokes, recently broke new standard Tesla's Silicon Valley start-up car Lucid Motors experience capital bottleneck, I hope Ford can make a move.

Throughout the ups and downs of these enterprises, there is no doubt that "money" is hanging in the head of these start-ups on a sword.
Tesla can emerge in the enterprise, and make the traditional auto giant Cemu and as a competitor, have to say this and musk beyond the ordinary persistence of a great relationship, of course, by another company for Tesla SpaceX lot of blood transfusion.

So in this seemingly unlimited industry, competition is very fierce. A century old kingdom built by traditional cars could not be captured by several knights.
Even Tesla, along the way, but also through many difficulties. From its persistent marketing model to the public's doubts about its capacity, sales, and inventory, the negative news has not been interrupted.

To the end of the month, Tesla will usher in an important moment for the mass consumer groups, affordable luxury sedan Model delivered to 3! Whether the industry elite, or eat melon, the masses have polished their eyes, waiting to see what the Model 3 Tesla will develop into what, 400 thousand of the scheduled amount is really able to achieve.


It is well known that the most expensive thing about electric cars is the batteries.

How to reduce battery costs while improving mileage is a major barrier for all new energy vehicles to break. Start-ups have signed cooperation agreements with major electronics manufacturers, and capable companies are ready to fight for themselves.
No. 42 garage article "electric car market road" in the discussion that a very incisive conclusion, the cost of the battery and the internal combustion engine down to the cost of the car is at the same level, the electric car market will usher in the development of a more rational and healthy. Interested friends can review our dialectical analysis.


The period of full competition for new energy vehicles is coming.
The traditional automobile enterprises in the new energy strategy has been started, the first production car start-ups have ready market, electric cars Tesla also move to the mass market benchmark, government policy is fair.
From the beginning of the rarely mentioned reservations and to occupy the mainstream, a few years ago, new energy, electric cars, hot half of the earth, a time like no matter what the industry wants to build capital, also swarmed to these two keywords in the market.
After settling down, can stand the test of the development of start-ups in the effort to survive, while the traditional automobile enterprises from the stand, to devote themselves to research and development, to market new entrants who declare war.
In a word the news seems, is the development of the countless reel. At present, the market for fuel vehicles is still flat, but the electric vehicles still stand up under the heavy siege, and the prospects are clear after the initial arrogance and prejudice.