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Already and about to disappear of the ten major auto parts

From:Shang tong Vehicle components Release date:2017-07-24【big middle small

Auto industry analysts, researchers and politicians have achieved consensus on the day before the hitherto unknown: before self driving cars also need to realize, after several generations of people driving cars.This means that the car's steering wheel needs to be kept for a long time. However, with the development of automotive technology, some parts of the car will gradually disappear from the car. Germany's "Daily Mirror" inventory of the following 10 will soon disappear from the car top 10 objects.
Speed meter
For more than 100 years, speed gauges have been built in all generations of cars to show the speed of the engine and the speed of the car. But this classic accessory is about to be replaced.
More and more automobile manufacturers offer a set of display screens, which integrate various data, which can be displayed according to the driver's needs. High-end models like BMW, 7 and Mercedes, S, etc., have been equipped with this type of equipment.
Spare tire
It is very inappropriate to take up the space and increase the weight of the automobile spare tire. As a result, the number of models for spare wheel cars has been decreasing since several years ago, and more and more cars are using so-called tire repair systems. When the tire problem occurs, it can automatically repair the defects and maintain the vehicle's running capacity.
According to the ADAC test, the probability of a flat tire using a repair system is about 10 years, which makes the spare tire unnecessary.
Navigation system
The pace of infrastructure construction and road changes has made the old car navigation system more and more difficult, and consumers are becoming more and more trusting of mobile navigation applications that are convenient and frequently upgraded.
In the future, using the Internet to connect mobile devices and servers to obtain real-time map data will become a new trend in vehicle navigation.
The window handle
With the development of electronic technology, it will be more and more difficult to manually shake the window. The electronic window control system that can remotely control the window lift will become the standard of more and more cars.
Trunk handle
Pulling the handle and opening the trunk of a car is a habit that many people have developed over the years. But the future people may need to get rid of the habit of legs can open the trunk.
With the development of electric vehicle technology, more and more cars will be the use of electric power, and then, due to differences in motor and traditional engine, transmission without the need to adjust the variables in the box shift, only the size of the current.
Engine roar
The roar of the V8 engine and the roar of the turbocharger were once a powerful tool to make the family of the car happy. However, in the era of electric cars, sitting in the car, people can only hear the roar of the wind outside the car. The roar of the engine, internal combustion engine will become the masterpiece of the era.