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why the car enterprises are also so sought after all aluminum body?

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The mushroom cool often talk about "a hundred good", in fact, is the same in the car. This year, which car does not flaunt its aluminum consumption, but also really embarrassed to fight for "good car" this name.

But isn't perfect, aluminum alloy high strength steel is better than strength, cost price is high, forming and welding difficulty is big, the obvious, I don't know how always smart car companies just don't understand?

In terms of technology, there are three main ways to realize car lightening: structure, manufacturing process and material. But the first two are indirect means, it is difficult to immediately attempt an ineffective solution. At this time, the use of lower density aluminum instead of steel, has become the best choice.

In the history of the automobile, there are two examples of the successful counter attack of aluminum alloy:
One is 1965 designed by Colin Chapman Lotus 25 for the first time by car, mechanic rivet reinforced Aluminum Alloy shell, to replace the traditional cockpit tubular frame, which is the F1 motorsports history first monocoque racing. Thanks to the lighter, stronger racing car, the lotus team won the team championship and driver championship.


Another example is Japan's 90s high-performance sports car, NSX. In the field of high performance cars, Japanese cars have been unpopular, until the NSX rewrite this understanding. Its magic weapon is the full aluminum body + aluminum alloy lightweight chassis.


With the Ferrari F348 and F40 (the main body of welded steel structure), Lamborghini ghost (steel material as the suspension arm) compared to less pursuit of heavy mechanical sense of NSX is good to burst, stunning Quartet, can even make it the driver of self expansion, because even in the corners of NSX also can go very fast.


Audi is changing, and it's starting to blend. As explained, this is to solve the increasingly stringent safety requirements, the use of steel and aluminum mixed body can improve the body strength, increase safety. As for the change of the material because of the price, I didn't mention it.


The other two in BBA did not boast of using the entire aluminum body of the cow. When it comes to aluminum body, we think of first is the Jaguar, but Aluminum Alloy Jaguar XFL aluminum body is only used 75% proportion, rather than we imagined 100%, and it is also not in the body all Aluminum Alloy.
Aluminum Alloy and another US Cadillac, has said that he is in the steel aluminum hybrid car body (CT6 Aluminum Alloy proportion 64%).


As a matter of fact, the manufacturers are not obsessed with the total aluminum body, as they describe, but most manufacturers are still striving to increase the proportion of aluminum alloy. There are three reasons:
1. weight is fuel consumption and handling of the enemy, but the engine fuel consumption control, corresponding to the corresponding chassis, are not good chi.
Now the automobile replacement is so fast, the competition is more and more intense, wants to enhance the performance in a short time, simply is the Arabian nights. So many years of "the rotor does not die", and finally is not helpless to death.
Look at the above mentioned 25 lotus and NSX, is the use of Aluminum Alloy, only to be popped from the competition, make a world.


2. at the outbreak of the new energy technology era, battery technology blue ocean has come, but due to join the battery system, and to add a lot of body weight; the affected cell layout, and gave the traditional structure optimization of lightweight add trouble.
We see that small engines are now popular, partly because small engines are relatively light. The engine has made concessions, the body will not fall naturally, not to mention the body weight of hundreds of kilograms at any time, weight loss is imperative.
3. market level, "aluminum" is a gilded signboard, with a good start, but the high-end. Hermes silk scarf design, workmanship and material quality is good, but also scarves, hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost let my jaw almost fall, but the world's mushroom cool all of them for dumping.

So "aluminum" and "Hermes", is a gilded signboard, is an important means of brand premium. Who took the "whole aluminum" highland, who is vertical Flag people, the price of natural protection.
Is aluminum alloy an inevitable future? Definitely not.
Because in the foreseeable future, automatic driving skills will reach an unprecedented level of intelligence. Now the major car safety performance testing institutions are upgrading the weight of the auxiliary driving system, indicating that automatic driving technology will certainly be a great vehicle safety. By then, who cares if your car is aluminum or carbon fiber, or even plastic?
But at least until then, aluminum could still do a good job. Car manufacturers are smart, a loss making business, often shouted, but the industry as a whole, then naturally they can not afford to abandon the "cake" in this body.